IAI:s utbildningskonferens 2017

The IAI’s 102nd International Forensic Educational Conference
August 6-12, 2017
in Atlanta, Georgia – Full of rich history….

The IAI is the oldest and largest forensic professional organization in the world; and the IAI Conference is THE leading educational experience for forensic physical evidence professionals.
With over 150 lectures and workshops to choose from, you will be able to fill your week-long calendar with topics related to crime scene processing, photography, collection and examination of latent print, footwear, tire track, bloodstain, biometric and other types of impression evidence. The latest techniques, standards, methods and developments are discussed here every year – don’t miss your chance to be brought up-to-date!

Vill du veta mer om konferensen så gå in på https://www.theiai.org/conference/2017/index.php

Vill du veta mer om IAI, dess verksamhet och hur det är att delta på den årliga utbildningskonferensen kontakta jan@forensic.se 

Årsmöte och minikonferens

Härmed inbjuds du som medlem till att delta i Svenska Kriminalteknikföreningens årsmöte och minikonferens på Polishögskolan i Sörentorp, Stockholm.

Tema: ”Terrorattack mot Sverige ! – vad gör vi kriminaltekniker då?

Torsdagen den 27 oktober 2016 klockan 09.00 – 16.30.

För program och mer information, se inbjudan.

IAI – 101st International Educational Conference

101st International Educational Conference

“Bridge To A Bright Future”

Bridge... to a Brighter Future

Information about Cincinnati

Educational Sessions and the Exhibit will be held in the Cincinnati Duke Energy Convention Center.

The President’s Welcome Reception and some Committee Meetings are scheduled for Sunday August 7, 2016. Lectures and workshops begin on Monday August 8 and continue until the Membership Meeting from 8am-9:30am on Friday August 12, with Lectures and Workshops following until 5pm. The Installation & Closing Banquet will be at 7:00 pm. on Friday and the suggested hotel checkout is Saturday, August 13.

Mer information genom info@forensic.se