IAI-utbildningskonferensen 2019 – Världens största

104th IAI International Educational Conference
Peppermill Resort
Sunday, August 11, 2019 – Saturday, August 17, 2019
The IAI Annual Educational Conference is the largest organized event in the world that provides a full week of high quality, cutting edge education and hands on training in forensic physical evidence examination and crime scene processing. Register now to ensure you experience all the IAI Conference has to offer!

Experience the IAI Conference 2019
You will be able to join Lectures on the latest technology, techniques, and research, sign up for limited space hands on Workshops to practice basic to advanced skills, and attend Meetings and Panels that provide an opportunity to discuss the latest professional topics and developments.
There are also plenty of exciting Events and Professional Networking Opportunities!

August 11- 17th, 2019

With over 150 lectures and workshops to choose from, you will be able to fill your week-long calendar with topics related to crime scene processing, photography, collection and examination of latent print, footwear, tire track, bloodstain, biometric and other types of impression evidence. The latest techniques, standards,methods and developments are discussed here every year – don’t miss your chance to be brought up-to-date!

This Conference is the most cost-effective and time-efficient investment that you can make in your career this year! See full 2019 Conference Program and Register now.

Remember, workshops fill up fast, so make your selections and sign up for your hands on experience choices today!


För mer information kontakta jan.olsson@forensic.se